OSH will support you with the professional use of all your Salesforce Solutions!

Our Remote Competence center provides all the Salesforce knowledge and enables us to support any question with the right ICT and Salesforce professional. With OSH you get a complete and capable team ‘on demand’ and ‘in house’. This will enable you to focus on customer processes and customer experience together with our professionals!

5 Tips om Salesforce succesvol te implementeren in het MKB

Omzet verhogen, meer inzicht in je bedrijf en verbetering van de klanttevredenheid zijn allemaal goede redenen om te gaan werken met Salesforce.
Maar hoe zorg je voor een succesvolle implementatie van Salesforce in jouw onderneming? Wat zijn hierbij de succesfactoren? Ben je goed voorbereid wanneer de implementatie van start gaat?

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Jouw gids in het Salesforce Ecosysteem

Het zorgvuldig en optimaal inrichten van je Salesforce omgeving is een absolute must voor het verkrijgen van een soepel en gesmeerd salestraject. Maar dat is niet voldoende. Regelmatig constateren wij dat sales vaak niet weet wat er zich in het marketing traject allemaal heeft afgespeeld.

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It’s a jungle out there!

You have been using Salesforce for a while now. Everyone within your organization is satisfied. However, you are wondering if you are using all the functionalities correctly to optimize your sales process as much as possible. But actually, you really don’t know.

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Get more out of your Salesforce CRM System


How exactly can OSH help your organization? The answer is actually very simple. Everything that has to do with Salesforce!

OSH has a Salesforce Remote Competence Center. It looks like a ‘Silo full of Salesforce-consultants’ within your company. All the Salesforce expertise-areas ‘on demand’. The beauty, all without high investments! Via OSH you can use flexible subscriptions with complete freedom and flexibility.

Salesforce Remote Competence Center


If you don’t have the luxury of a full time administrator or your is administrator fully overloaded without time to implement enhancements?
OSH has the Remote Competence Center which can help you out if you:

  • Are interested in Expansion/back-up your for internal Salesforce application administrators/developers
  • Need to cope with peaks in capacity, for example with new releases
  • Are looking for a committed partner that resolves issues quickly without the need to be onsite daily
  • Want to save costs on maintenance and service of your Salesforce application

Customer Experience Consultancy


The internet is turned on 24/7 which means your customers are always online. How comfortable would it be if your sales, marketing and service processes are connected and fit together perfectly? Salesforce is very well suited for this. Too complicated, OSH will help you out by improving and professionalizing your customer processes and solutions step by step.

We will do this via the following services:

  • Customer experience maturity scans
  • Customer journey mappings
  • Consultancy and process optimization
  • System integration with mobile and eBusiness apps
  • Data discovery analysis and customer data profiling
  • Marketing automation services

Third-party Apps Management


The Salesforce App Exchange offers more and more third-party apps. By deploying apps and add-ons in a smart way you stay up to date, offer your team the right tooling and provide your customer a relevant customer experience. Whenever you keep innovating the Salesforce platform, you get the most out of your investment. OSH can help you with creating a clear picture.

Quick Implementation Package


When you are looking for a specific and quick deployment of Salesforce for a specific group of users like your Sales team. Take a look at our Quick Implementation Package. With the help of OSH you have Salesforce ‘up & running’ real quick! Ofcourse with extended reporting and analysis to enable your sales team to act directly.

Most important advantages:

  • Up and running within 3 weeks
  • Support and expertise on the best ways to integrate Salesforce CRM with your existing processes
  • Implementing best practices of the use and the quality of data
  • Reports and analysis that give visibility to the most important business metrics

Working at OSH?


OSH has one goal. This goal is reached when we are ‘top of mind’ whenever someone thinks of Salesforce Consultancy. We want to be the best Salesforce Customer Experience Partner of The Netherlands. Growing is our ambition! Are you joining us?

At this moment we are looking for the following professionals:

Do you have other talents which you think OSH could use? Send us an open application.

About OSH


With OSH, customers gain more benefits from their CRM system. We believe a project does not stop with the delivery of the CRM system itself, this is only the beginning of the journey. Manpower and knowledge are not always ‘in-house’ available and the improvements are most of the time to small for new projects.

OSH delivers Salesforce resources ‘on demand’. Regardless if you need a (temporarily) administrator, a consultant for the peak moments or specific knowledge for the integration with that ‘1 specific app’ from the App Exchange. With our low cost subscriptions or fixed price rates you have the flexibility, expertise and resources within reach.

Reach out to us to see how we can make your environment even more smarter!

Arno Coevoet

Director, OSH

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