It’s a jungle out there!

You have been using Salesforce for a while now. Everyone within your organization is satisfied. However, you are wondering if you are using all the functionalities correctly to optimize your sales process as much as possible. But actually, you really don’t know.

You can use Salesforce for your sales process only, but do you get a complete picture of your customer? To avoid surprises you really need a 360-degree customer view. The link between sales and marketing and service. What happens when your account manager has a big opportunity without knowing the problems his customer is experiencing with your support organization? His sales efforts will certainly not be received positively.

It’s possible to improve customer experience by being more relevant based on a fully integrated customer view. You don’t know how to start. The Salesforce AppExchange might be a good start, but you see a lot of nice and handy apps and you soon experience it as a jungle of apps.

This jungle is only raising more and more questions. A lot of apps from different providers are offering the same functionality which makes a well evaluated decision almost impossible. De demos are looking all smoothly, but what are the implications for your own environment? It’s important the apps fit smoothly within your current Salesforce environment. You don’t want to get confronted with a lot of extra costs by too many new objects or unneeded API usage. Most of the apps have a lot of extra features which are not always easy to maintain.

If you don’t find the right app for your business, you could consider to develop it yourself.If you decide to build the functionality yourself, what are the consequences? OSH helps you uncover this jungle. With the answers to essential questions for your organization.

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