Take your Salesforce to ‘the next level’?

Your sales team has been working for a while with Salesforce. Do you get everything out of Salesforce or is it time to evaluate? OSH has created a checklist to get you started.


1. Is your Salesforce team communicating with eachother?

Strong leaders and seasoned managers have constant attention for improvements and innovations. They identify inefficient business processes, understand the technical components and spot strategic capabilities of each system.

However, in many organizations, senior management lack contact and consultation with support staff. This can lead to missed opportunities and the lack of a coherent strategy with your Salesforce solutions. One potential solution is to invest more in Salesforce training to equalize the level of knowledge among the different departments.


2. Check your roadmap for ongoing maintenance and innovation?

When your business needs change, your Salesforce solutions should change accordingly. Simple ad hoc adjustments can affect other functions and even complete strategic solutions. What we often see in medium-sized enterprises is that they do not always completely understand all the possibilities of a solution or that new feature releases are not maintained properly.

All such defects are detected via and will be addressed by your Salesforce roadmap. We can help you getting more from your Salesforce CRM application.


3. Strategy for process automation.

The product range of Salesforce exists of products like Sales Cloud, Pardot, Service Cloud and Community and go much further than simple customer contact management.

By coming up with a strategy accompanied by an approach to automate processes such as tenders, contracts, endorsements marketing emails and other, will streamline your organization. If you let these processes smoothly connect to each other through Salesforce, you immediately increase the efficiency of your business.


4. There is more than just CRM.

Salesforce offers a comprehensive technological ecosystem to prepare your organization for the future. Salesforce and partner vendors offer a wide range of solutions via the AppExchange which cover almost every business. They are easy to integrate and can be implemented quickly. So check regularly around the wonderful world of Salesforce apps.

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