Junior Salesforce Developers & Consultants

Collaboration Client & OSH


  • Internal screening candidates OSH
  • Constant range of junior Salesforce Developers and Consultants
  • Client intake and approval
  • Recording KPIs


  • Continuous guidance (3x per week call + 1 day at the OSH office) and training from OSH
  • Weekly work and progress meeting Client & OSH
  • Monthly advice and progress meeting Arno Coevoet (OSH) – contact person Client


  • Duration of filling per position (40 hours per week): 2 years
  • Can be canceled monthly from the client
  • Hourly rate: 40 euros
  • Start date: in consultation

Quality assurance OSH Junior Consultants & Developerss

  • 3 months onboarding Process & CRM knowledge
  • Trailhead Ranger training & Salesforce certificates
  • Soft skills training
  • Scrum training
  • Mentor – Buddy system*
  • Weekly team meeting
  • Monthly OSH meetups
  • Annual Personal Development Plan
* Mentor Buddy systeem
Everyone within OSH starts as a buddy or mentor. The aim of this is proactive support and cooperation. With the ultimate goal of personal development and optimal service to our clients.
• Own app group for daily questions regarding Salesforce project
• Fixed weekly progress and planning consultation activities (call 3x a week)
– What did you do last week and how did it go? 
– Were you able to carry out all planned activities?
– If not everything has been carried out; how did that happen, how can we help you (better)
– What are you going to do this week?
– Are there still things unclear (impediments)?
– How can we help you complete all the things planned this week?
• Weekly meeting office OSH: Customer Satisfaction / Personal Development
– How did last month’s activities contribute to your personal development?
– How did the collaboration with the client(s) you worked for go?

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