Remote Support Center

Innovate while saving costs

Innovate while saving costs
The OSH Remote Support Center (RC) is a department of consultants that helps companies remotely support and manage Salesforce applications. Through the RC, OSH enables its customers to save costs and at the same time increase the return from Salesforce applications.

We see an increasing need among our customers to make and keep IT costs manageable. The desire to innovate and to be able to implement changes quickly is often at odds with this. The RC helps our customers achieve both objectives. Organizations that use the RC can flexibly scale up or down capacity through flexible forms of subscriptions.

Service level agreement

  • Response time: within 1 working day
  • Execution Management or Impact analysis: within 4 working hours
  • Approve the estimated work: before we carry out the estimated work we will request your approval
  • Receive a monthly report

Service Level

Receive a monthly report
Status of service requests
Time spent on service requests

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