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Challenges we fixed

Since the client has multiple systems and applications due to takeovers, the client can have data of the same customer in more than 1 database. When a client sends an address mutation various checks must be performed and most of the time by various departments. These checks must be performed before the address is distributed throughout all systems. The main challenges are multiple systems need to be updated with the new address, various checks must be performed before the address mutation is approved, the client expects that sending 1 mutation will change the address for all the products that he/she has and the amount of manual work.

Data Management
Multiple systems and applications used with data of the same client in more than 1 database.

Workflow Management
Various checks to be performed before data mutation is approved and changed for all products at once.

Integration with MyAegon, other websites and the Aegon Integration Layer.



During this project we created a new address mutation process in which Salesforce was the leading application. New address mutations can enter the system from various sources such as mail, phone (contact center agent) and various web pages. When the mutation has entered Salesforce 70% will be handled as a straight true process and no actions will be required by users.

Integrations were a major part of the project. For example, My Aegon environment, various websites, connection to the Aegon Integration Layer and a postal code table.



Aside from the improvement of the data quality throughout the systems and applications throughout the Aegon network, which is not easy to put a value on in terms of money. The main ROI was created by the mutations that were handled with user interference.


Customer experience

“A Flexible partner who delivers as required but dares to go beyond the expectations if the customer appreciates it. Dares to challenges existing models and guidelines in the benefit of the customer. Could recommend this partner for smaller but especially for difficult (architectural) implementations.”

Manager IT Financial Data & Platforms, AEGON

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