Implementation of a Damagecontrol Monitor (SLM)

A succes story

Zorg en zekerheid, health insurance

The Heath Care Buyers of Zorg en Zekerheid register financial Agreements containing packages that HealthCare facilitators service clients. This information is stored in the Salesforce Service Cloud but needs to be combined with information stored in other applications for reporting to facilitate the SLM (Damagecontrol Monitor) process.

The goal of this project: Automation, improve efficiency and improve visibility.

Challenges we fixed

Working from home during COVID-19 brings the challenge of keeping the teams aligned and since this SLM solution was new to Zorg en Zekerheid, adoption was the biggest challenge.
This process was implemented in a live production environment where disruptions would cause unrest, agitation, and stress across the users in an already difficult time. We managed to bring SLM to production within budget and the timeframe without any disturbance. Part of this project was connecting to a countrywide portal (VECOZO) where agreements are stored between healthcare facilitators and healthcare insurance companies. The challenge here was to deal with inserting and mutating large amounts of data, without disrupting other applications. We managed to make use of the Salesforce Bulk API and established a nightly batch to deal with this.

The financial agreements are manually created as part of the agreement using an intuitive app in Salesforce. This information needed to be aggregated with other reports from other systems. Via an ETL we managed to connect to a BI tool (Tableau) where SLM was established. This effort improves efficiency and visibility by automating and connecting the datapoints.



By building an interface between Salesforce and VECOZO via a webservice Zorg en Zekerheid managed to automate the process of a daily import and export of large amounts of agreements.

Improve Efficiency
In Salesforce we established a user interface and business rules to create financial agreements and its packages related to the agreements. This is less time consuming and less sensitive to errors.

Improve Visibility
Zorg en Zekerheid now has a more accurate process for managing damage control and forecasting.

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