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A succes story

VGZ, financial services

VGZ has a complex landscape with multiple core systems including Oracle OHI-BO, Siebel and Salesforce. After the initial Salesforce implementation by a Salesforce partner, VGZ continued to improve Salesforce by themselves. One of our most experienced consultants is supporting VGZ on site by working together with their scrum teams.

Challenges we fixed

During the last two years their successes include:

  • Transition to Lighting
  • Service cloud implementation (B2B)
  • Salesforce chat with snap-ins
  • Complex backend integrations
  • Implementation employee community
  • Einstein chatbot


VGZ uses the ORACLE Service BUS in between the different system and is slowly replacing the services with MuleSoft based services. Integrations include:

  • OHI-BO backend -> Salesforce
  • Document library -> Salesforce
  • VeCoZo (Country wide Health insurance
  • Declaration Service) -> Salesforce
  • Salesforce -> Oracle Siebel
  • Salesforce -> VGZ Website


Customer Experience

“Knowledgeable consultant who fits within the team.” – VGZ

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