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Zorgkantoor – Zorg en zekerheid, health insurance

Zorgkantoor is an entity of Zorg en Zekerheid that has a legal and social obligation through legislation (WLZ) to facilitate new clients who become or need long extensive care during their lifetime. The primary goal of this effort for Zorgkantoor was to comply to this new legislation per January 2020 and to improve efficiency and process visibility, which was lacking in the prior systems.

To facilitate the home visiting process of new WLZ clients, Salesforce native Survey tool and similar other solutions available in the AppExchange did not suffice, because they’re lacking the ability to present a list of questions and go through them in a non-chronological manner. That’s why Zorgkantoor decided to invest in creating a custom future proof generic solution using standard Salesforce without code coined the Question Engine.


Administrating the process of visiting clients at home is extensive because the survey question changes every year. This results in a vast amount of data that needs to be aggregated and the need of a process that is flexible to manage all kinds of question types. This requirement forced us to deal with Salesforce limitations regarding the maximum number of fields per object.

To fulfil the requirement of having the ability to (1) create and maintain the questions and its business logic themselves and to (2) make this tool generic and future proof for similar processes, Zorgkantoor decided to invest in creating a custom generic Question Engine using standard Salesforce. With this Salesforce app, build using Flow builder and without code, a user can create and maintain vast
number of questions and answers.

The question types that are possible consist of multi-select, picklist, optional or mandatory type answers or open answers. The Question Engine can provide questions each step of the process. Given answers drive questions that steer other questions or answers. To deliver new complex functionality that needed to be in use within months was a challenge, but to make it generic was even more difficult. Despite the challenge, we delivered within the time frame and within budget.



By acquiring a Question Engine Zorgkantoor has now one custom App using standard Salesforce to manage the house visit process and making use of task and event automation to drive the workload.

Zorgkantoor circumvented the Salesforce field limits and the need to hire Salesforce consultants every year to renewal the questions by building the Question Engine.

The home visit process as part of the new WLZ client process in Salesforce and established visibility by means of monitoring process status.

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