Implementation Salesforce Surveys

A succes story

Aegon, financial services

The contract that Aegon had with Customer Gauge, the system used for the NPS measurements, expired at the beginning of 2020. Although Aegon was satisfied with the performance of Customer Gauge, they wanted a cheaper process which they could manage in-house. The transition to Salesforce Surveys will save as much as 90% of the annual costs.

Challenges we fixed

Replication of data to the object Survey Invitation to minimize impact on current architecture/ implementation

Salesforce Surveys consists of basic elements and objects. The Survey Invitation and Survey Question Response are different objects. If a customer answers a question this information is saved in a newly created Survey Question Response. This response is related to the Survey Invitation, but not saved on the Survey Invitation object itself. Current situation with Customer Contact Measurements (KCM) is a single object. This object also shows results of the Survey like NPS, Employee NPS, quote of customer and if a request is resolved.

Checking all exceptions for whether a survey must be sent

 Think for instance about:

  • Different surveys for different situations and departments
  • Does the customer want to receive surveys?
  • Sending surveys after a chat conversation
  • Sending surveys in a WhatsApp conversation



By implementing Salesforce Surveys, Aegon can now manage their own survey process from creating the survey to sending it to their customers and analyze the responses. They can act fast when changes must be made, or extra surveys must be sent. To make sure that every challenge was covered we created a flow and used process builder to send the surveys automatically in most cases.

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